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Management Team
Scott Winters, CEO and Co-Founder

William "Rob" Nelson, PhD, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder

Dave O'Rourke Chief Distribution Officer and SVP Marketing

Jennifer Winters, Chief Compliance Officer and Co-Founder

Kenneth Kim PhD, Chief Financial Strategist

Robert Ryan, SVP, Engineering

Tom Cheeseman, Visionary Officer

Gary Nemer, Finance/Chief Legal Counsel
Business & Investment Advisory Board
The board members role is to provide advice and resources when members of the EQIS executive management team have issues they desire to explore in the areas of respective board member expertise. Their contributions have been a critical component of the EQIS investment portfolio management process.

David S. Bloch
Joon Chae PhD
Zhan Jiang PhD
John Perkins
Jose Plehn-Dujowich PhD
Tom Terbush PhD
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